COVID-19 & Business Continuity with VL Telecom

Although this sounds like an easy decision to make, considering and managing the impact this will have on your business is just as important.

We’ve therefore prepared a number of useful tips to minimize the impact this has on your business:

  • Broadband Internet Access

Ensuring your employees have the required infrastructure available to fulfil as much of their duties from home is imperative. The most important is probably an internet connection. Getting a wired installation will probably take some time so we recommend considering our wireless/broadband options.

Tip: View our available LTE and Router options here. If your employees do not have LTE coverage in their areas, have a look at our MTN Broadband options that is not coverage dependant.

  • Consider Mobility

Chances are you’re currently routing your calls to physical hardware such as handsets. If you’re making use of our recommended handsets (Yealink), your employees would be able to easily unplug the handset and plug this in at a different location – provided they have an ethernet cable available plugged into a router slot.

If not, we recommend your employees download a softphone on their mobile phones or laptops and then register their existing sip accounts on there so that they have the ability to make and receive calls via their mobiles.

Tip: Download one of our recommended mobile or desktop/laptop softphone applications and configure the sip accounts. If you’re unsure about your username/password, you can login to your BusinessTalk portal or send us an email at for assistance.

  • Re-route your calls

Although you’ve taken the necessary due diligence to ensure that your employees have all the necessary tools at their disposal, you’ll probably want to re-look at your customer service and support processes and re-optimise your telephone system or inbound routing.

Tip: We support routing calls via Yealink or similar Handsets, Mobile Applications, Forwarding Calls to your mobile, Find Me/Follow Me rules and more.

  • Business as Usual

It’s important to ensure that all staff are made aware that although self-quarantined, it remains business as usual. Things such as work hours, responsibilities and so forth should remain in tact.

Tip: Configure an IVR (Voice Menu) with Time Routing to route calls to specific employees or group of employees during a specific time period.

The VL Telecom BusinessTalk Platform was built for flexible mobility and with business continuity in mind. We’re committed to supporting businesses during this time and welcome any questions or requests via our landline on +27 (0) 11 568 1304 or by dropping us an email at

To find out more about BusinessTalk, our next-generation voice platform or view all available features you can click here.