Spectacular Call Rates

True per second on our business packages.

Spectacular Landline Call Rates

Our Virtual Landline Call Rates are below and apply to both call forwarding and outgoing calls. We don’t believe in charging you differently based on who you are or when you call. We also offer the lowest International Call Rates.
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Introducing our latest Voice Network that features reduced call rates, better call quality and more advance monitoring.

Per Minute (charged per second)
Per Minute (charged per second)
Per Minute (charged per second)
Cell C
Per Minute (charged per second)
8ta (Telkom Mobile)
Per Minute (charged per second)
SMS – All Networks

**Virtual Landline Call Rates valid from 2020/01/27.  ** Call Rate Pricing subject to change.  ** Errors & Omissions Apply.  ** P/second billing applies to Large/Enterprise packages only.

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