Save costs with enterprise-grade voip telephone system

Large businesses are choosing VOIP phone systems, why not yours?

There was a time when companies had only one choice for phone systems. During their time, traditional phone lines were the best available, but they had many problems. They were hard to scale, expensive to install, and didn’t provide the quality and flexibility that large businesses needed.

VOIP phone systems have quickly become the preferred system for today’s forward-thinking businesses. Every company has access to the Internet and the ability to use it to make phone calls has saved companies thousands of rands.

Why are VOIP Business Telecom Systems Less Expensive?

When a company installs a traditional phone system, it requires the inclusion of expensive infrastructure. You need to consider physical hardware, professional services to have them installed etc. which can become incredibly expensive. Once everything is installed, there is the ongoing maintenance and updates and trying to scale up a traditional phone system is near impossible.

With a VOIP Telephone system, there is hardly any infrastructure needed at all. You can use computers hooked up with headsets or IP enabled phones. There are no connection lines to install. Your Internet supplies the method of data transportation as phone signals are converted intoto data packets. Every company looks for ways to become more efficient and save money without creating additional hassles for their employees. Countless companies have switched to a VOIP telephone system because it provides all the benefits and none of the hassles.

VOIP Phone Systems Outperform Traditional Systems

One of the biggest limitations of a traditional landline is you can only handle one line at a time. You can’t work with multiple lines on a single phone, but VOIP changed all that. You can do conference calls and video conferencing with ease.

When a traditional phone system goes down, you often need to hire someone to come and fix it. Our cloud based PBX and VOIP Solution isn’t handled on-site, so when problems happen, they are addressed quickly at the source.

You may ask, “What if the Internet goes down.”

This still isn’t a problem. While your IP enabled phones and computers may not work, the calls are forwarded to other devices via a pre-planned forwarding system.

VOIP Has Portability and Flexibility Built-In

VOIP is perfectly designed for large businesses that not only have the main office but employees and offices around the world.

With a standard phone system, you can easily call anyone within your building with ease, but what about employees in outer cities or countries? VOIP connects you by the company and not by building. You just dial the extension and it calls the employee no matter where they are.

VOIP can go anywhere. If you’re out of the office, all you need is a laptop, headset, and a Wi-Fi connection to connect to the VOIP system. You’re always connected with a VOIP system.

If you have an existing number linked to your existing provider, we can easily port the number to the VL Telecom network at no additional charge.

Choose VOIP Telephone Systems for Your Company

Large businesses need a high-quality phone system that works great and doesn’t cost an arm and leg to install and maintain. VOIP is the future of business phone systems and you can get it now before your competitors. If you want to learn more about enterprise VOIP systems, view our features here or contact us today